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  Douglas September is a composer, musician, producer, recordist, mixer and experimenter based out of Toronto, Canada. 

   '...he's very true...a naturally expressive, very,very funky dude...' - David Torn  [David Bowie, Jeff Beck...]    

   '...this is what you look for - straight from the heart...' - Michael Shrieve  [Santana, Klaus Schulze...]                

   '...something new and different in his sound...' - Rita MacNeil    

   '...sings like he's gone to hell and back...' - Robby Aceto  [Tom Tom Club, Cloud Chamber Orchestra...]    

   '...a true hidden Canadian gem...' - Darryl Neudorf  [Neko Case, The Sadies...]    

   '...nascent brilliance...' - Uncut   Magazine    





The studio is located in a turn of the century home in Toronto's East end Greektown district. The house is rearranged to suit tracking, and i have designed my mix room / smaller tracking room within the house itself. If you're in to this kind of thing and would like to work with me, you'll find it makes for a relaxed and inspiring work environment.

The studio is built around the usual mix of kit, boxes old and new - but combined with my own equipment upgrades and modifications [some my own design] usually resulting in a lot of distinct and innovative musical ideas!

If it's more preferable to  work somewhere else - please contact me.

 *d9 releases currently available - For tangible purchasing contact  For all other projects, refer to the Googles.

Douglas Septembe – voices, guitars, pedal steel, banjo, bass (trk. 2,5 and 11), accordion, live simulation, programming and musical dices/devices. Robby Aceto – electric guitars, looping & textural events, tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10. Rich Depaolo – long distance bass. Steve Keeping – drums, trap, spontaneous noise, converse snare and percussiveness John T. Davis – hammond b-3 organ. 
Rita MacNeil – vocals (feat. on Sunday in Savannah). Neroli Harper Macdougall-Ladanyi – vocals (feat. on Like a Pop Star). all tracks recorded/mixed/produced by d9  additional recording by Robby Aceto, Rich Depaolo & Jamie Foulds (Soundpark Studios)
Produced by SPLaTTeRCell (David Torn) and Robby Aceto with additional production by Douglas September
Recorded at eSTudio CeLL, Bearsville, NY and The Boiler Room, Toronto, ON
Musicians: Douglas September, Robby Aceto (Guitars, Loops, Accordion), SPLaTTeRCell (Additional Freq Programming & Rythym Arrangements


Produced by Douglas September, Robby Aceto, Rich DePaolo, Bill King, Steve LeGassick, Michael Price, Randy Gerston and Steve Lindsay
Recorded at Pyramid Sound, Ithaca, NY and Cornerstone Studios, Chatworth, CA
Musicians: Douglas September, Robby Aceto (Guitars, Ambient loops, Harmonium, Vibes, Alto Mandolin, Accordion), Bill King (Drums), Rich DePaolo (Bass), Steve LeGassick (Guitars, Keyboards), and Michael Price (Guitars)
Produced by Michael Shrieve
Recorded at Stepping Stone Studios, Seattle, WA
Musicians:Douglas September, Bill Frisell (Guitar), Wayne Horvitz (Keyboards), Michael Rhodes (Bass), Michael Shrieve (Drums & Percussion), Long Distance Loops & Textures (David Torn)
Produced by Vaughn Passmore
Recorded at Invisible Sound, Toronto, ON


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